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Welcome to the SBA Music Store. If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

Why can’t I sign up to more than one subscription?
To subscribe to multiple programs, select Subscription Packages.

How long does my subscription last?
The subscription lasts for a minimum of 3 (three) months. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What are the payment options?
The SBA Music Store currently accepts Visa and Mastercard payments.

When am I charged?
You will be charged on a monthly basis. Your initial month’s payment is charged immediately upon purchase. After that, you will be charged on the same date (your sign-up date) each month. Once this has happened, you will receive a confirmation email.

How long do my downloads last?
You can download your files once, and they will remain available for the length of that month. They will then be replaced with the following month’s editions. If there are any issues in downloading files, please send us an email.

When are the subscriptions updated?
All subscriptions and files should be updated in the last week of the previous month, and you will receive an email confirming this.

How do I receive my files and what format are they in?
Once your subscription is confirmed, you can download the program editions as separate .zip files from your ‘Account’ screen. Each edition boasts high quality MP3 tracks, (the same quality as our CD releases) that can be played in any media player and includes all relevant artwork.

How do I unsubscribe from the SBA Music Newsletter?

The newsletter has an "unsubscribe" link at the very bottom of the newsletter page. Clicking this will take you to a page in which you can opt to stop receiving emails from SBA Music.

What is Fareplay and how does it work?

Fareplay is a PPCA free alternative for restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, and anyone else in the hospitality world. If you're in the hospitality business, our exclusive Fareplay license can take up to 90% off your PPCA fees. Over the past year there has been a crackdown on all hospitality business owners from PPCA to make sure that the appropriate fees are being paid to play music in a public space. If you are not in compliance, you could be liable for thousands of dollars in fines. To qualify for a Fareplay licence, you can only play Fareplay music supplied by SBA. For more information about how Fareplay works, please see our Fareplay page.

What Fareplay package is suitable for my business?

Our Fareplay packages are differentiated by Licence Category. These three categories are distinguished by the size of your business, (in m²). When the package is purchased, all license fees are included. For a detailed description of Fareplay Licence Categories, please contact us.

Why are there different pricing options for Australia and New Zealand?
As there is a monthly fee that we pay for supplying music to a customer in NZ via their licensing body OneMusic, New Zealand customers are required to cover this surcharge.

How does Fareplay work for New Zealand customers?
Public performance fees in NZ are now collected by the music provider. The New Zealand subscription therefore includes a fee collected for APRA and Recorded Music NZ (PPCA in Australia). Please make sure to select the relevant size (in m²) of your business before purchasing.